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Welcome to june.

SORRY! NO DOGS ALLOWED (A 100% true autobiographic horror story)

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There are 7-8 pages left until I finish the comic. Other than that... hmm... Well, you probably already know I moved the updates to 4 times a week, on m/w/f/sun. Aside from that, uh... I'll probably be doing a weird Q&A type comic at the end for anybody who wants to ask stuff. Oh, and I already mentioned this but, about a thousand years ago, somebody made a tvtropes article for june!

p.s. I am totally open to critque or questions or sizzling flames. The comic is already completely drawn and there is no way I'm going to change anything - but it would be great for any future projects I start.

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Updates will be once a week on Sundays until I finish the entire comic.

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Semi-Hiatus! Life crisis, mental breakdown, dropping out of school! Whoopsy doo! Hopefully june'll be back soon! EXCLAMATION MARK

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Fanart Page Finally Not A Broken Sobbing Mess

Alrighty! I fixed it, more or less. I also went and updated it. Getting fanart is awesome and I felt bad not being able to show it off as much as I could. So now y'all can take a look-see.

p.s. Thanks to those who offered to help me! I'm sorry I never contacted you. By the time I got around to thinking about fixing it, it had been so long since you commented that I thought it'd be bad to bother you.

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Fanart Page Under Derpstruction

I really, really should (and want to) update the fanart page. However, every time I go in to add more images, I keep borking up the page more and more. So ignore any weird going-ons on that page and I'll tell you when it's finally been updated.

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Jesus Petunia, did I ever wake up to a splendid surprise! It seems like there's a bunch of fun fun guest comic spam on some pages. However, I don't think it's bothering anybody, nor do I want to turn off guest commenting, so... unless it comes to be a problem they'll be sticking around. We can all pretend they're my friends, whose grasp on the english language has always been difficult, although it's really their sheer lunacy which makes their comments so quirky. Don't you think it kind of sets the mood for june...?

My favourite:
"I think is was a special reueqst. something like, "Hey, do the Jesus-thing for me, will ya?" and you replied with a grunt and then extending your arms, sucking in your stomach to look emaciated and tilting your head to the side. then you continued on your way to get/consume morning coffee.Maybe I should've picked the night Tim had that drooling problem? That was a fun evening."

What a night that was.

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JUNE wallpaper

I made a big ol' wallpaper for June a few days ago. You guys can see it here:

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Ok, so. Probably gonna post June on MangaMagazine. I made an account and everything. However, I'm not sure when I should start posting pages on there. Would it be a good idea to post them on MangaMagazine now (well, soon)? Or, would it be better to begin posting on MM after I complete chapter 4 on SmackJeeves?

Option a) Begin posting on MM right freaking now. I'll have to take a hiatus on SJ for a while. Right in the middle of a boring chapter.

Option b) Begin posting on MM after I complete chapter 4. Chapter four is 49 pages, and with 2 updates a week... and currently page 23 is up... Well, it might take a while. There would also be a reasonably long hiatus, but, at least, it would be at the end of a chapter.


WHAT CHA THINK? Am I thinking about this too hard?

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